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eMember provides 24/7 online access for members looking to access their pension and benefit information as well as the ability to update their records and download communication materials. eMember can help reduce the amount of queries from members as well as provide greater transparency over benefit information. 

System overview

  • Complete access for members viewing their pension and benefit information

  • Uploads pre-prepared reports and other documents for download

  • Can be branded with the use of corporate colour schemes and wider use of client logos to headers and documents produced from the site

  • Loads member and scheme documents and forms which can be accessed by members via the website

  • Compatible with any document management, pension or payroll system

  • Members can communicate directly with the scheme administrator

Client and/or trustees can be set up with ‘administrator level’ access enabling them to view all member records. There is also the ability to upload pre-prepared reports which can be viewed or downloaded by client/trustees, such as membership statistics, member addresses and other scheme details.

The interface can also be branded to include company or scheme logos and colours to bring continuity to the members service experience.

  • DC members can access and interrogate their investment records and contribution details online
  • DB members can access their pension benefit data, annual benefit statement information and summary funding statement information
Nick Collyer | Head of Market Engagement 07817 944264

Nick has over twenty years experience in the pensions industry - as our Head of Market Engagement, he actively drives for improved member administration across all levels.

Pension funds

System led de-risking; data audit & cleanse; system and data migration; record keeping; GDPR and GMP reconciliation

Financial institutions

Systems led legacy migration & rationalisation; BPO and auto enrolment; pensions dashboard consulting


Back office IT, system and admin support; PenScope and eproducts; data migrations; resources placement

HR Directors

HR Consultancy, Data analysis, cleanse and archiving

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