HR Data Management

The quality and accuracy of employee data has never been more important to companies and HR departments. GDPR has put data generally under the microscope, and particularly raises the emphasis on employee data. Payroll data has also come under scrutiny with recent Government Gender Pay reporting requirements, and the continuing emphasis on Big Data Analytics means that clean and accurate data is crucial not just for traditional HR tasks, but operational analysis, budgeting and strategic forecasting.

We are also seeing a massive increase in activity in the HR Software market, with platform reviews taking place more frequently and an abundance of new, Cloud based solutions available in the market.

ITM can help with your HR data requirements and ensure your employee data is ‘Cloud Ready’.

Proposition Overview: 

  • Data consolidation from legacy sources and mapping for migrations to new HR software
  • Data analysis/audit to ascertain quality of employee data being held and identify remedial
  • Data cleanse to correct historic data issues
  • HR Data Consulting to minimise future corruption of employee data
  • Archiving historic employee data

ITM are well established in providing data management services (Data Audit and Cleanse, Data Migration
and Data Archiving) to the Pensions and Financial Services industries and have a proven track record as
data specialists. As we see the type and volume of data we are handling expanding we have taken the
strategic decision to develop our data management services to cater for the wider HR market.

We have developed proprietary software for Data Analysis and Cleanse (eDAaRT) and Data Archiving
(eArchive) which we will utilise along with the 15 years of data management experience we have
accumulated to provide a first class HR Data Management Service to both our private and public sector
clients and wider markets.

Why use ITM?

Our software and experience means ITM can provide a solution for your HR data requirements faster, cost effectively and more accurately.

  • Quicker deployment – our software enables quicker deployments by automating data mapping and identifying and resolving data issues early on
  • Improved data integrity – our analysis and data cleanse processes improve the accuracy of your employee data
  • Accelerated ROI – high quality data helps you to optimise the investment in your new platform allowing you to take advantage of its analytical capabilities
  • Free up key staff – remove the manual burden of data mapping from your SMEs at a crucial time in your transition project
  • Repeatable – our processes are repeatable and can be run multiple times during a project lifecycle
  • Auditable – a fully auditable process with the ability to track any data changes
  • Cost effective – our archiving tool provides a central system for storing legacy data enabling the decommissioning of expensive legacy systems

HR Data Migrations

eDAaRT is our powerful web based software which helps control, manage and report on all data migration,
data audit and cleansing requirements. Initially developed for the complex and highly regulated world of
UK pensions data, eDAaRT facilitates the analysis and cleansing of data through a series of sophisticated tools and processes and can map your employee data to the structure required for your new HR platform.

Using our bespoke software we will consolidate data from your legacy systems, analyse and cleanse the data and then map the data to the new database structure ready for loading to your new platform. Our approach delivers a more efficient and cost effective migration process, removing the manual burden from your HR resources and improving the quality of the data transferred to your new system. The solution offers a repeatable process which can be used for multiple loads throughout the project lifecycle along with a full audit trail enabling each data item to be tracked to its source.

Data Archiving

Platform changes can create a problem with what to do with legacy employee data which is no longer used on a day-to-day basis. It makes little financial sense to transfer all records and history on to a new platform or software, yet the cost of maintaining the existing platforms can be prohibitive and affect the overall return on investment.

Of course, you need to retain and have access to these records going forward, particularly with the increase in Subject Access Requests following the introduction of GDPR.

eArchive is software based on ITM’s eDAaRT data suite which securely retains the data as a faithful
representation of legacy source systems, allowing you to access your employee data through a web based system and providing a standard reporting suite. The software runs on modern commodity architecture, providing a low-cost and compliant alternative as the data structure is determined by the original system.

Using our eArchive software consolidates historic HR and Payroll data from disparate sources into one central system, removing the cost and burden of maintaining obsolete legacy platforms while allowing you to continue to meet legal obligations for data retention.

We have found ITM to be highly responsive and intelligent in their approach. I have no hesitation in recommending ITM for data and benefit audit projects.
Tom Ground / Head of Bulk Purchase Annuities & Longevity Insurance / Legal & General

Pension funds

System led de-risking; data audit & cleanse; system and data migration; record keeping; GDPR and GMP reconciliation

Financial institutions

Systems led legacy migration & rationalisation; BPO and auto enrolment; pensions dashboard consulting


Back office IT, system and admin support; PenScope and eproducts; data migrations; resources placement

HR Directors

HR Consultancy, Data analysis, cleanse and archiving

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