GMP Seminar

Top Tip Takeaways


In case you missed our recent GMP seminar, please see below the speaker presentation slides and some of ITM’s Top Tips for you to consider at all stages of your GMP exercise. We hope they prove useful!

We can help with:

  • A general planning, project management and oversight only role, if you feel you have the resource ‘to do’
  • A resourcing and delivery role of any of the 3 stages of a GMP or data exercise
  • Delivering a communications strategy, either in isolation or in conjunction with the above roles
  • All of the above…
Collate ITM_Search_White
1. Compare & collate


  • Understand HMRC processes and timescales
  • Use technology to know how to handle large quantities of data from multiple sources
2. Reconcile


  • Don’t waste time on insignificant differences
  • Know when to stop and move on to the next stage
 ITM_Computer_White  Communication
3. Rectify


  • Don’t recreate 38 years of pensions administration when rectifying benefits after a GMP reconciliation
  • Use data to inform your decision making
 4. Communicate


  • Understand your members’ emotional triggers
  • Tell the story, not just the conclusion




Please see below for a copy of the speaker slides:

Update from the Regulator Louise Sivyer

A potted history of GMPs – why you can’t ignore what’s happeningCatherine Jones

BT Case study Eddie McGowan & Kevin O’Boyle

Hand on delivery stages 1 & 2 Darran Blount & Hannah Blomfield

Hands on delivery stage 3 Maurice Titley and Nathan Jones

Trustee DecisionsKevin Clark

Member Communications Stephen Willard


If you have any questions or need help with any stages of your GMP project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you again for attending the ITM GMP seminar.


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