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eAsE is designed to ensure employers comply with their auto-enrolment duties. This web-based software gives users complete control of the implementation and ongoing management of auto-enrolment, including the initial employee assessment, managing of employee opt ins and opt outs, issuing of statutory employee communications and ongoing record keeping to ensure compliance with the Pensions Regulator’s requirements.

System overview

  • Manages the entire end to end auto enrolment process through one intuitive system

  • Manages workforce assessments, opt in and outs, employee and employer contributions and regulatory communications

  • Can be implemented quickly and can easily integrate with other HR, payroll and pensions systems

  • Makes member and scheme documentation more visible as members and administrators can have full access to view documents

  • Runs data validation reports to meet the Pension Regulator’s record keeping requirements

The benefits of using eAsE

  • An easy to use web based interface requiring minimal training and knowledge
  • An end to end secure auto enrolment solution providing the employer with peace of mind
  • Full assessment of employee data at all required stages
  • Fully integrated with many leading auto enrolment providers for straight-through and automated scheme set up
  • Free integration with payroll software AND pension providers
  • Integrated communications portal ensuring members have full information
  • Integrated Pension’s Regulator data validation reports ensuring records are correct
  • Bulk email capability for additional communications for faster and reliable communications
  • Security interface for employers and payrolls

How easy is it to use eAsE?

eAsE is a comprehensive auto enrolment middleware system, which:

  • Has intuitive web based technology
  • Has a simple front end design which can be be used by any skill level
  • Integrates directly with many auto enrolment providers
  • Reduces manual intervention – eliminating key stroke errors
  • Is payroll agnostic, making uploading data a straightforward process
  • Guides the user down the path of compliance using our “wizard” based interface

Why eAsE?

  • Complete auto enrolment compliance – including an assessment process independently checked regularly by the Pensions Regulator
  • Streamlined business process – integration with many auto enrolment providers to allow for automated upload of new members and contributions
  • Reliability – eAsE currently processes over 100,000 employees every month
  • Is capable of handling complex clients
  • Handles all of the required auto enrolment compliance requirements through a single piece of software

The quality of member data has proven to be a crucial component of any auto enrolment exercise. Incorrect, duplicated or inconsistent data can lead to the issuing of inappropriate member communications, mismanagement of contributions and delays in the process which ultimately could lead to the attention of the Pensions Regulator – not to mention the reputational consequences for advisers advising employers.

As a consumer friendly system, eAsE can be used directly by the employer or HR representative, as well as advisers looking to manage and replicate bulk enrolment processes. eAsE also integrates seamlessly with other HR and payroll software without the requirement for additional installs or customisation.

Nick Collyer | Head of Market Engagement 07817 944264

Nick has over twenty years experience in the pensions industry - as our Head of Market Engagement, he actively drives for improved member administration across all levels.

Pension funds

System led de-risking; data audit & cleanse; system and data migration; record keeping; GDPR and GMP reconciliation

Financial institutions

Systems led legacy migration & rationalisation; BPO and auto enrolment; pensions dashboard consulting


Back office IT, system and admin support; PenScope and eproducts; data migrations; resources placement

HR Directors

HR Consultancy, Data analysis, cleanse and archiving

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