5 steps to a systems strategy

Jonathan Hawkins, Client Development Manager of ITM guides you through the five stages you should consider when formulating a systems strategy.

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ITM is a leading provider of data management, systems and administrator support, this document will help you understand and implement the following steps…


'Assess what you have and critique it'

Have a long hard look in the mirror, be honest, open and critical about the current state of play.


'How future proofed is your system?'

Next, we'll help you consider what and how much work is required on your current system to adapt to your current and future trends. 


'Reviewing your existing strategy'

Have you got an existing systems strategy? If so when did you last properly review it? Does it still reflect your business or scheme journey and future needs? 


'Create a journey'

Don’t think you have to achieve everything all at once. The likelihood is that you have limited time and budget, so use it wisely, and use time as a friend.


'Choose a partner not a supplier'

To finish off, your '5 steps to a systems strategy' guide will give you advice on finding the right 'someone' to help you on your journey.