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The quality and accuracy of data has never been more important to trustees and pension managers. In recent years the industry has seen the emergence of de-risking perpetuate into a staple agenda item, as well as the race for GMP reconciliation before HMRC ceases its support. Public Sector schemes also face increased scrutiny with The Pension Regulator’s guidance on record keeping coming into force.

Proposition overview

  • Data risk and benefit audit in preparation for de-risking activities
  • Record keeping advice to ensure compliance with The Pensions Regulator guidance
  • Data cleanse to correct historic data issues
  • GDPR data mapping information audit
  • Dashnoard readiness
  • GMP reconciliation
  • Data security and data management polices, including protection against fraud and identity theft risks
  • AE data audit and review

At the heart of all of ITM’s consulting services is an independent and objective approach combined with practical, specialist advice.

ITM support and advise many of the industry’s largest pension funds as they embark on complex liability management initiatives such as buy ins/buy outs, PIE, longevity swap and trivial commutation where the quality of data plays a pivotal role in determining favourable financial outcomes.

The end of contracting out has also seen a significant number of pension funds place GMP reconciliation firmly on the list of deliverables, as trustees aim to avoid the miscalculation of member fund values and ongoing administration repercussions.

In addition to one-off assignments, ITM help pension funds achieve compliance with the Pensions Regulator’s guidance on record keeping which has now been extended to public sector schemes. Good governance also means the necessity to safeguard pension funds against data security breaches and ever increasing threat of fraud and identity theft – issues that ITM have built specific systems and protocols to combat.

From ITM’s unique insight gained through the Pensions Dashboard Prototype project, we can help you on all aspects of becoming Dashboard ready. Not being Dashboard ready will reduce your members ability to find their pension details when the Government launches Pensions Dashboards in 2019.

As part of the Administration consulting service comes a review of current administration strategies, SLAs, contract and operational process, mitigation against administration risks, system strategy and functionality reviews. More recently attention has been paid to specific data management polices and also incorporating compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force in May 2018. Contracted ITM staff at all levels also work in collaboration with clients on or off site on short or long term projects.

All ITM services are complemented by a suite of systems, giving funds complete control and visibility.

Darran Blount | Director 07860 772677

Darran heads up the Consulting division. His primary responsibilities are developing our consultancy service propositions and client relationship management.

Maurice Titley | Director 07738 640 038

Maurice is a Director in the Consulting division working closely with Darran and is responsible for delivering many of the more complex data related projects.

ITM have undertaken data auditing for all 300,000 plus scheme members, providing specialist independent expertise to the trustees and helping to score and clean data in accordance with Regulator requirements. ITM have worked intelligently throughout and have engaged diplomatically and effectively with the company, trustees and our administrators. I am happy to recommend ITM for any organisation seeking independent expertise with data projects.
Kevin O’Boyle / Head of Pensions / BT

Pension funds

De-risking, data audit, cleanse, migration, record keeping and GMP reconciliation

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